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In order to enroll in a CC2BSU program you must meet one of the following criteria and currently be enrolled at your community college:

1) You applied to BSU and did not meet the admit criteria at BSU and have been directed to enroll in MCC2BSU or BCC2BSU.

2) You’ve been accepted and have enrolled in courses at Bristol Community College or Massasoit Community College with 33 or fewer earned credits. Students with more than 33 earned credits may still be eligible and should consult with a CC2BSU advisor regarding their eligibility.
If you previously applied to BSU and used this email address as your contact email, you will need to provide a separate email address in order to successfully complete the CC2BSU enrollment process. Please do not use your high school email address.
Make sure the year in your DOB is correct!
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American Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African American
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
Cape Verdean
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